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Our Approach to Wedding Videography



Your wedding day starts in the pleasant atmosphere of the Bride’s home. Our camera crew will arrive to take video not only of the Bride preparing for the big day, but of the Bridesmaids, Parents and other close family. With our Gold Package, another camera will video the Groom along with his Groomsmen, family and friends, while a third camera will be at the church taking video of the surroundings, and waiting for the wedding party to arrive. By utilizing three cameras during the ceremony,

we capture those precious moments behind the scenes as well as spectacular alternate shots. Our Gold package includes a Romantic Love Story, where you can take a walk in the Park, Beach or a location of your choice, using our artistry, showing the special feelings and love that you share together. This can be made into a separate DVD, which can be shown at your Reception.



About Us


We are a fully insured business, protecting you, your family and the facilities you will be using. We operate as a registered and licensed business with the state of New York. We are specialist in the wedding industry, operating for over fourteen years





You may choose the music to be used for the montage sections of your production and as transitions between different sections of the production.




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Our use of soundbites makes your production look, feel and sound professional, interesting, entertaining, and emotional.